Certainly the man is and some of them more than others.
The Lord knows all his children and especially those who love him and serve him with humility.
As for Mr. Ziad Takieddine, the encounter with the character reaches the
heights of intelligence, we are really dealing with a man cultivating great wisdom.
Indeed, he was the great-grandson of a Lebanese Governor, then the son of a diplomat.
The « ground » is healthy, the « seed » is also good, it will generate a « cedar » mirobolan
Of those of which one speaks in the Bible …
Mr. Ziad Takieddine is the incarnation of the rightness,
He has for him the qualities of devotion, of service, a sense of the word given and of irreproachable integrity!
But a morality as well polished as it is, can not always transcend the
Corruption of the often too close ties of a declining political regime, Mr. Takieddine
Is a great visionary, all the more diplomacy is in his DNA. Ziad Takieddine always chooses the Best He is an expert.
He will be a zealous servant of the highest strata, his pertinent analysis of the gaps in the Franco-Arab relations
will bring back repercussions.
In politics it is an innate gift, an inheritance in the form of
Intellectual baggage, and there is nothing that can be done about it.
Except that those who are not sorted on his shutter will have « bad » …
To add to the picture a « time bomb » …
One would readily compare it to Antipas thanks to whom especially
John the Baptist will see his head cut then Deposited on a plateau ….
For us it will be that of Edouard Balladur a President in becoming; The potential of
Man is consistent, his opponents know it, it will be the beginning of the end the heart of the problem … it is indeed the best and the political specialists know it but
The small Republican republican squadron is unscrupulous ….
Will they also make the necessary to blur the tracks of their plots?
We are at the heart of an unprecedented state affair where certain spirits have been caught up in the thirst for power, this end justifying none of the means and / or
subterfuges used.
On the contrary, they will stimulate them, suspend capital international agreements
for relations with the Arab countries as for the future and finances of France. Did the dissuasion by military prestige sound the death knell?
A veil will be thrown together to hide diplomatic mistakes, while the others will see nothing but fire, at best a cloud of military smoke …
The future President has radical methods, his passage inside Has sharpened
He will need someone to « wear the hat » of the combine and the man is all chosen
With its clear principles and its bulky loyalty it will be Ziad Takieddine …
Especially it supports an opponent of size, no question to leave it It will be very regrettable for France and for King Edward.
However the lie has long teeth, worse Nicola this time, without ‘will give the coup de grace to betraying his own husband who loved and filled him. Marianne will burst into tears, but the infernal machine will berate itself for years on Ziad Takieddine but the man is innocent, not guilty!
The Franco-Lebanese, with a pharaonic intelligence, knows the world, the microcosm of the Great World, the elite of international politics, at least those of the Middle East. They will present them to each other with intentions of pure diplomacy, it is more than desirable in fact, that the Middle East will mix with France, those also give the country a new breath, after all it is a A great businessman with the talent for elegance in human relationships, this is called diplomacy, but not all of them are motivated by the same drawing from the highest perspective, namely, the maintenance of peace through reconciliation .

There are considerable interests at stake: the chair of the President is coveted for a long time, one can not let a strategist of world diplomacy play such a joker, contracts essential to the economic re-launch of France, everything will be handed quickly to the drawer.

It is a monumental error because the work of excellence of Mr. Takieddine could have saved us from a drama that nobody was aware of, a malaise that will spread throughout the country and some journalists will no longer attack To the Jewish people, but Muslims.

Shame on France, but too late it will appear on the black list.
The « wearing of the veil » will be a detonator of size …
We will go back to war, that we dare not name third, there will be Libya, Syria …
Too bad we had just avoided that in Iraq. This will be made up of violent attacks, I humbly ask for forgiveness to all beings of all Nations and all religions, the Sacred Laws will unfortunately not be respected by the leaders. There will be crimes we will kill, we will lie and we will steal.
Worse, almost God would be accused of putting weapons in the hands of children in the hands of women!
Have you seen the state of the world? How can the Almighty let this happen?
We will even forget the Free Will …
The Arab countries, however, so beloved by the little French people, which is also a charming « mini-mosaic » for some, for it must be remembered in truth the people of France has heart and many colors, But what makes her beauty …
But we are made to believe the contrary, yet I insist yes in the streets of France, people love and talk, but we will invoke hatred, with media reinforcements, yes we will prohibit The veil, yes we will subtly persecute the Faith of the people, we will even invoke secularism and the highest moral values ​​will be touched, we will forget the rudiments of knowledge living together the Sacred Law of us Loving one another scratched, one will go To forbid children to wear their religious symbols at school … shocking!
What binds man in the region where he was born, his greatest dignity, will be put to shame by dubious practices. It will still be the zizanie.
The Arabs will again be treated badly oh my God, forgive everyone, and we will
even expand the map without the French understand nothing about the mental conditioning of the little dictatorship …
Yet the message of Fatima is clear we are wrong and God we Sends messengers regularly to bring us back to the right path …
Otherwise, « we will all exterminate each other until the last. »
The ambassador of a better world, the one to whom one would willingly, of course, the Nobel Prize for Peace, Mr. Ziad Takieddine himself or the « Minister of Foreign Affairs » disturbed because he Ďemasqué
The clan of the cheaters; A little mafia; Within the Republic and above all he was able to
sabotage their strategy: the game is turbid in this system which slyly invites all politicians to corruption in this case the « twelve » of the Sarkozy Government, who will recognize themselves
will be To « carry the cross » to the one who reconciles, the one who has know-how and know-how, in a state vulgarized by lies and caricature
Ziad Takieddine will wear the cap of all abuses for them, the diplomatic bag will be opened while it served the highest interests of France and especially the unexpected rapprochements. Yes, the French Government has committed massive mistakes, which have produced dramas …

They accused the man who did a great service to the world, wrongly, even turned his back on him.

It is rarely mentioned that he was the one who took part in the liberation of the Bulgarian nurses, but it was thanks to Takieddine’s intervention that negotiations in this direction were possible.

It is a question of mentioning that the person of great value, that is Mr. Ziad Takieddine, would have been a blessing in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and if its great skills are obvious, they were clumsily flouted.
Although innocent or there by the chance of rare qualities, such as a thorough knowledge of the Arab countries …

(We recall with scrupulous vigilance, that at the base it is in a career of great advertising that Takieddine excelled, is somewhat like our « Jacques Séguéla Lebanese ».)

That one finds « trapped » in a bad gear and persecuted in place of the real culprits, hardly point of the finger for years, accused and put under examination while others will wash their hands …. The time has come to restore the truth,
We loyally ask for the rehabilitation of the « scapegoat » the time has also come to exonerate the
son of Lebanese diplomat knowing all the more that an exemplary ethic in which he was educated, can not tolerate

The shadow of a false step, and that is what it has been accused of.

In reality, this man has honor, noble intentions and great dignity, and it is important that she disturbed some people with doubtful intentions.
We are right to ask that she be restored to her.

The State has not only committed major errors but under the guise of a so-called « moralistic » law freshly voted in an emergency, would have superficially washed away, finally collapsing more with a system under scrutiny ( Of a politics-spectacle) very inappropriate, do not let us blind more …

We have lost billions of Euros which today are seriously lacking by political blunders, while we excel in the fields of Defense and Armament, and it is as if we were flowing ourselves … Pardon Monsieur Dassault …

Let us remember that when the finances of our country flourished we used an identical system, with commissions, naturally commercial norms, no one seeing then any evil since they are vital to us.

My own father who was Inspector of Finance and later Director of several Cabinets (see Finance), and in particular Captain de Vaisseau personally negotiated the sale of destroyers with Saudi Arabia, he was considered a good and very competent servant of France and no case the contrary!

… It will be recalled in conclusion and for the collective government that where Takieddine was born, in Baakline in Lebanon, it is an art of living that refers to an ancestral philosophy of very high elevation. It is noted that
« Mental, verbal or written lie is always forbidden »,
and this is a Principle in which Ziad Takieddine was raised.

That all those who accused him wrongly, overwhelmed with some criticism whatsoever and treated with disrespect,
bowed and apologized –

(writer, journalist, photographer)